Our Ethos


We are the Dublin Tour Company. We started out in 2007 as the Galway Tour Company, offering tours to residents in Galway, but quickly expanded our company to offer tours from Dublin too! We have been offering visitors from all over the world the best tours in Ireland, and have been consistently ranked as #1 on TripAdvisor! This is a great reward for us, and we do our best to make every tour as memorable and exciting as possible!

We firmly believe that travel should be fun, no matter where you are, who you’re with or what the weather is like; and believe us, the latter proves a challenge more often than you would think! We want each and every one of our passengers to have an amazing experience with us. We want you to explore and learn about places that are a bit off the beaten track, as well as the more popular tourist spots. We like to tell you stories and make you laugh, and we might even sneak in a bit of education while we’re at it; we assure you, this is by far the best way to learn something new.

You see, we are all very passionate about Ireland, its history and its heritage, its stories and its folklore. Our guides are the best you can find and they have bucket loads of information on all the places we take you. You may be going somewhere new or somewhere you’ve been before but you will be guaranteed to walk away with something you didn’t have when you set off.

There are so many wonderful and magical places around our beautiful island and we just want to share them with the world. Sure, we could just tell you about them, but we’d much rather take you with us and show you. So go ahead, have a look around. We’ll be seeing you later!

Safe Travels from all of our Team at Dublin Tour Company