Extended Tours

Think a day trip is to short?

If you’d like to explore Galway to its full potential, and think a day trip just isn’t long enough, then we can look after you. Whether you land in the East or the West, we have you covered! Travel across the country in comfort, stay a night or two (or a few more after that), and really make the most of the best sights, culture and food that Ireland has to offer.

For private groups staying in Dublin, we can provide transport and tours, from and to Dublin. For more information contact us at info@dublintourcompany.com

Options, options, options…

Whether you’re travelling from Dublin, or already in Galway, we have the perfect tour for you!

Some of our favourites to get you started are:

Cliffs of Moher & The Burren: Visit the majestic and world famous 200-metre high sea cliffs in county Clare. Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean & The Aran Islands, this is a view you won’t forget! The winding roads, rugged landscape and charming little fishing villages along the way will give you a memorable experience or the West of Ireland.

Connemara & Cong: If lakes, mountains, bogs, valleys and beautiful scenery are your thing, step on board this tour. You’ll visit the stunning Kylemore Abbey nestled between a lake and a mountain at the heart of Connemara. You’ll stroll through the quaint little village of Cong; a must do for any Quiet Man fans out there!

Aran Islands: The three islands off the West Coast of Galway are accessible by ferry from Doolin. They are famous for their unique way of island life, stunning scenery, historical sites and peaceful atmosphere. There is peace and quiet aplenty –  unless you stay overnight when the pub life kicks in! This is the perfect addition to the itinerary should you go for extended tours; take in the island life, stay the night and return to mainland the following day.

(disclaimer: Dublin Tour Company will not accept any responsibility should you fall in love with an islander and decide to stay permanently, completely abandoning your old life, and taking up sheep farming instead. We’re not joking. It’s been known to happen. Really.)

Private Groups: Let us know your interests and what you would like to experience while with us and we can put together a tour itinerary tailored specifically to your group, no matter how big or small. Historical sites, fun nightlife, breathtaking scenery, fairies and folklore; whatever you are looking for, our extended tours can deliver!